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GDPR Courses for Schools

GDPR Course Content – Schools

This course is designed for Head Teachers, SBMs / Bursars & existing DPOs

  • Understanding the changes to Data Protection
  • Conduct of Data Protection Impact Assessments – All children are considered “Vulnerable” when referring to Data Protection.
  • Clarification of the legal basis for collecting, processing and holding information
  • Aims & Procedures for conducting an audit and the application of appropriate tests
  • Requirements and content of Staff Training & Education
  • Cyersecurity Awareness Training Programme
  • Establishing Accountability & Data Governance
  • Publishing Data Protection & Privacy Information
  • Re-evaluation of “Consent” procedures including the holding of long-term SEN & Medical Information
  • Considerations of the Rights of Individuals
  • Children & GDPR - what they should learn and how it links with on-line safety
  • Right of Subject Access
  • Refining Codes of Conduct
  • Management of Home or Off-Site working by Staff
  • Review of School Cyber Security including management of BYOD and other Devices
  • External working including Data Sharing Agreements & Supplier Compliance
  • Management of Incidents and Breaches


We will also provide a free Cyber Security session with some useful display material to take away.

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